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Craters and planetary feature names can have various origins.So whether you are looking to name a star after someone or name your own star we have.

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If you are using a spam filter, this email might be mistakenly placed in your spam folder.NASA said a fix with a gyroscope moves the Hubble space telescope close to resuming normal operations.Hubble Captures Bubbles And Baby Stars Image release June 22, 2010.My only caution is plan ahead if you are giving it as a gift and want to name the star yourself.Welcome to Star-Name-Registry where you can name a star visible from anywhere in the world for someone special.

Because our registry is independent of NASA, The ESA and IAU (International Astronomers Union) we can offer members of the public the right to name any star in our database that has not already been named.Check out a few of our testimonials from our past customers and charity partners who recommend buy a star as a unique gift idea.We will answer your questions about naming stars and will be glad to provide you with further help.

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NASA announced last week a new set of modern constellations, including some named after well-known characters like the Hulk and Godzilla.

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Note that the moons of Uranus are a special case in our solar system.Stars typically have historic names or catalog names, and are not named after people.There are services which will let you name a star in the sky after a loved one.Naming a star could not be easier with our easy to use website, professional customer service and amazing shipping times.

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With this chart, the galaxy can be easily located without a telescope.

They are named after literary characters (from works by William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope) rather then characters from mythology.Any of these places that say a star will be named after someone as a gift (International Star Registry for example) do not name stars.You can find and easily retrieve the stars we name at the Star Register page called Star List.Customize the star certificate with a personal message or tribute to honor someone with a memorial star.Basically we offer you the option to adopt a star for yourself or dedicate a star to someone you know.

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You see the stars in the sky are scientifically named and the names are rather boring depicting the coordinates in space.Some people enjoy the novelty of naming a star and registries may pique interest in astronomy.Recently Named Stars: You CANNOT name any stars until you confirm your email address.You can commemorate a special day, or the life of an amazing person.

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Name A Star Live is a branch of Space Services, Inc., an undisputed pioneer in commercial space flight.

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The name is suggested by the discoverer(s), but following tradition is strongly encouraged.

This solar system of seven Earth-sized planets may be the

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Stars are chosen based on their specific proximity to the Earth as this allows for easier viewing through a telescope.

After the last letter of the Greek alphabet (omega) is used, the remaining stars are given numerical designations followed by the constellation name such as 51 Pegasi, 38 Ursa Majoris, etc.

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One thing to beware, however, is star naming sites that suggest they are affiliated with NASA or the IAU or some other governmental body.No Star Named Twice all stars named in the registry will remain unique and exclusive.

The International Star Registry (ISR) is an organization founded in 1979, which sells the right to unofficially name stars.Buy a star kit and be part of the only published catalog of named stars in the world.After you make a purchase, we will ship the materials related to the named star such as the star registry certificate within 1 business day.

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Products and services are often marketed as gifts or memorials.

Online Star Register, thank you so much for your name a star service and for successfully sending a star for me on four separate occasions.The best opportunity that you have available to please your loved ones is to buy a star in the sky to them.

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